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The Swiss Made Label Standards according to the Federation of the Swiss Watch industry

The mark of many luxury wristwatches – the Swiss made a label – is a tiny mark on the face or dial of a timepiece, appearing just below where the watch hands attach to the case. The distinguished label was originally crafted by the Government of Switzerland to as a mark of distinction around the globe. The people of Switzerland have a long history of creating high-quality, elegant and reliable timepieces that enjoyed a ready demand from all over the world. In fact, most consumers are willing to pay 20% more for a wristwatch that bears the Swiss made label.


DWISS RS1-SL swiss made watch with luminous

Swiss made is a marker or label that is used to signify whether a timepiece or a clock was assembled in Switzerland or the Swiss region. According to the standards laid down by the Federal Act on the Protection of Trade Marks and Indications of Source, a timepiece can be labelled Swiss made as long as its movement is Swiss, if the movement was assembled in the Swiss region, if at least 60% of its manufacturing costs occurred domestically and if the watch’s final inspection took place in Switzerland.


Switzerland is known to jealously protect its timeless timepieces and aesthetically appealing watches with its prized ‘Swiss made’ label. This is because a Swiss made label is much more than only a label of origin. It is a mark of quality, a sign of outstanding reliability and fine craftsmanship that no other country can replicate. The Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry has enacted and employed many legal treaties and instruments to protect and guard Swiss made watches from potential piracy or counterfeiting.


The Swiss Made Label is a Hallmark of Quality and Reliability

A timepiece must meet certain minimum criteria and conditions if it wishes to obtain the coveted Swiss made marker. As mentioned, the final product must be assembled and inspected in Switzerland to qualify for the label. In the latest piece of legislation, watches labelled as Swiss made must contain a minimum of 60% of components of Swiss value as opposed to the previous 50% condition. The new regulations and stricter rules are meant to make the prestigious Swiss made label more credible in the eyes of the watch buyers and to protect the interests of the Swiss watchmakers from the rising Asian competition.

 DWISS RC1-BB automatic model

On the back of this growing ‘Swissness’ movement, the members of the Federation of the Swiss Watch Industry wholeheartedly support the changing the rules to further tighten the labelling requirements. The powerful Swiss groups and watch manufacturers see these measures as essential to safeguard the overall value and the reputation of quality enjoyed by only Swiss made watches around the world. The majority of the 500 members of the watch federation are in favor of stricter rules which will raise the percentage of Swiss-made parts and components to be used in Swiss made a labeled watch to 80% of the timepiece’s total value.


In the words of Jean-Daniel Pasche, the president of the Federation, “More and more foreign companies, particularly from Asia, have realized how easy it is to call a watch Swiss-made and in effect mislead clients and sell at higher prices than what they could otherwise justify.” 


Fake Watches and Counterfeit Products

According to the statistics shared by the Fondation de la Haute Horlogerie, approximately 40 million fake Swiss timepieces are being manufactured and sold on an annual basis. Counterfeit and fake watches harm the reputation and image of the high-quality, reliability and superior craftsmanship of Swiss timepieces.


Swiss Made Micro brand Watches

The Swiss made, limited-edition micro brand watches feature cutting-edge, high-quality watch parts and components including Swiss mechanical movements and sapphire glass. Watch collectors and enthusiasts from around the world value the innovative designs, Swiss movements, hand assembly and finishing of luxury micro brand watches that carry the Swiss made label. Such beautiful timepieces are unique, innovative and quite eye-catching as presented by DWISS.


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