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DWISS founder and desginer Rafael Simoes Miranda working on the watchmaking bench for the world's first watch design clue
DWISS founder and desginer Rafael Simoes Miranda working on the watchmaking bench for the world's first watch design clue

Our History

Any watch can tell time, DWISS tells it differently! This statement is the foundation of DWISS, a niche brand established in 2011 by Rafael Simoes Miranda . Since 2006, Miranda has designed hundreds of watches for numerous prestigious brands. He has been honored with several international design awards, including the esteemed Red Dot Design Award and iF Design Award, among many others. Additionally, he has shared his expertise as a watch design teacher in Milan, Italy.

Miranda's entrepreneurial spirit and dedication to innovation have been instrumental in the success of DWISS. He is constantly pushing the boundaries of watchmaking, creating timepieces that are not only functional but also works of art. At DWISS, we invite you to join our loyal community of innovators and enthusiasts who appreciate a forward-thinking approach to watchmaking.

Discover the unique, groundbreaking designs that set DWISS apart from the rest.

Our history

DWISS Design Watch Independent Switzerland


DWISS was born

Founded by Rafael Simoes Miranda, DWISS was established in 2011. With a vision to innovate time-telling techniques, DWISS began its journey in Lugano, Switzerland. Rafael's extensive background in watch design and his entrepreneurial spirit laid the foundation for a brand committed to pushing the boundaries of traditional watchmaking.

the world's first Niobium watch, DWISS made exclusively for the mining company CBMM


World's first Niobium watch

In 2012, DWISS made history by launching the world's first Niobium watch, a collaboration with the Brazilian mining company CBMM. The CLASSIQUE CBMM model, crafted from a unique Niobium alloy, showcased DWISS's dedication to innovation and won the International Design Awards (IDA) . This groundbreaking timepiece set a new standard in materials in the watch industry.

microbrand DWISS and their classique collection, niobium watch with mysterious time display and a 18k gold brasilia model limited to 5 pieces only


Mysterious hours and precious metals

During 2013 and 2014, DWISS introduced its first Mysterious Hours with the C2 models, also made in Niobium , featuring innovative time display systems. The brand also launched limited-edition watches incorporating precious metals, such as 18k gold , highlighting the elegance and luxury of Swiss watchmaking. These models further established DWISS's reputation for blending cutting-edge design with premium materials .

microbrand DWISS and their innovative M2 collection with mysterious hours display, millions in crowdfunding


The Crowdfunding initiative

DWISS launched successful crowdfunding campaigns, engaging a global community to support its innovative watch designs. The M2 collection, with its revolutionary time display system and winner of several design awards and the R1, with its sleek and sporty design, were among the highlights. Winning further design accolades.

DWISS grand complication swiss made tourbillon, design awarded timepieces since 2011


Grand Complication

DWISS unveiled the RC1-SW, featuring a Swiss-made tourbillon movement, and the RW1, with its wandering hours display, showcasing the brand's commitment to excellence in watchmaking. The collections garnered international acclaims such as the European Product Design Award (ePDA) and the International Design Award.

DWISS and the world's first watch design Club, design a watch together with us and become a awarded watch designer


The Watch Design Club

In 2019, Rafael Simoes Miranda launched the World's First Watch Design Club, an innovative initiative inviting enthusiasts to co-create a watch. The project aimed at winning the first mutual design prize in watchmaking, and it succeeded with three awards. In 2020, DWISS launched the model RW1, its first Wandering Hours watch, which won the prestigious iF Design Award.

DWISS 10th anniversary, making innovative design awarded timepieces since 2011


10th Anniversary

Celebrating its 10th anniversary in 2021, DWISS reflected on a decade of groundbreaking achievements. The brand launched commemorative editions of its most iconic models, including the M3W and the R2, which won the iF Design Award, ePDA Award , and 2 IDA Awards . These launches highlighted DWISS's dedication to innovation, quality, and award-winning timepieces.

DWISS innovative watches and their NFT collectibles


A decade of innovations

In 2022, the brand connected watch lovers to Web3 with the DWISS NFT project. This pioneering initiative introduced DWISS NFT collectibles, metaverse watches and virtual showrooms , marking a new era of innovation. In 2023, DWISS reintroduced its best seller time display: the signature hours with the M3S model, continuing its tradition of award-winning designs.

DWISS and the future of watchmaking


The future and beyond

Looking ahead, DWISS is committed to furthering its legacy of innovation. Plans for new collections include integrating cutting-edge technology and materials . The brand will continue to embrace digital advancements, such as blockchain and augmented reality , ensuring that DWISS remains a pioneer in the evolving landscape of creativity, technology and watchmaking.

This is my my 5th DWISS. Just love how they "tell time differently"

— Timothy G.

It's a real stunner! The fit and finish is just superb. Has a nice weight to it and you can see the quality in every detail of the watch - from dial to clasp. This runs with the big boys for sure.

— Paul Michael G.

WOW! WOW! WOW! Much more beautiful than I expected. Just wanted to give microbrand watch a try and I am happy to choose DWISS.

— Sean H.

Just received my green M3S this is my third watch from DWISS, and I love it,thank you Rafael for your attention to detail and excellent customer care.

— Keith M.

Unique, Elegant and Wonderful watch!!!!
I really love M3 model it is very comfortable on my wrist and thanks Rafael for best service.I will buy you again

— Amonsak L.

My second Dwiss. Very happy. Style , quality and price combination make it really stand out. I really love the different ways of telling time.

— Allan J.

Love the design. Unlike any other watch. Very comfortable on the wrist.

— John D.