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Swiss Automatic Watch

Things to Know Before Buying

4 THINGS TO KNOW BEFORE BUYING A SWISS AUTOMATIC WATCH Ready to buy a  Swiss automatic watch? It’s a major step forward in both style and status, and a watch says a lot about the wearer. Picking the rightentry level Swiss...

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Pierre Gregson one of the worlds first wirstwatch

The invention of the wristwatch

1571 - Some historians consider the gift given by Robert Dudley, the Earls of Leicester, to Queen Elizabeth I to be the ancestor of the wristwatch. The gift was described to be a clock full of diamonds suspended by a bracelet...

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DWISS timepieces using Tourbillon Concepto 8950

The Tourbillon and DWISS

The Tourbillon One of the most challenging-to-make watch mechanisms, the tourbillon is a complicated movement that makes the escapement turn around its own axis, designed to counter the effects of gravity. By continuously rotating the entire balance wheel/escapement, the tourbillon...

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