4 Things to Know Before Buying a Swiss Automatic Watch

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Swiss Automatic Watch

4 Things to Know Before Buying aSwiss Automatic Watch

Ready to buy a  Swiss automatic watch? It’s a major step forward in both style and status, and a watch says a lot about the wearer. Picking the rightentry level Swiss automatic watch isn’t just a matter of going to the department store or even a fine jeweler; picking a watch is something that is specialized, researched, and for the connoisseur. 

But if this is your firstSwiss automatic watch you may not yet have that connoisseur knowledge. How do you know which watch to buy? We’ve gathered several tips to help you pick thebest entry level Swiss watch for you.

Know Your Budget

Even for people who don’t know anything about watches, there’s one name that always rolls off the tongue: Rolex. A Rolex is an excellent watch, but don’t go into watch collecting thinking that you need a Rolex.

In fact, the truth is that there is a whole world of fascinating and exotic watches in the world that will never be stamped with the Rolex name. And the best part is that most of them don’t carry the Rolex price. 

When you’re going in to buy your firstSwiss automatic watch, be mindful of your budget. You don’t need to spend five or ten thousand dollars on a watch to get a magnificent timepiece that will last for generations. And while you may eventually want to collect something in the range of a Rolex or an Omega, there’s no reason you can’t get into watch collecting earlier by going for microbrands–the perfectentry level Swiss watch brands–that are every bit as gorgeous, and more affordable.

Know Why You’re Buying the Watch

One important thing to consider when buying anentry level Swiss automatic watch is simply why you’re buying it. What about buying a watch intrigues you? Are you buying it because you want to look a certain way? Are you buying it because you like what other people will think about you when they see the watch? Are you buying the Swiss watch because you’re a watch collector and you’re looking for things that are innovative and new? Or are you merely looking for a watch that will withstand the harshest conditions and still maintain good time?

All of these are perfectly understandable reasons to buy aSwiss automatic watch, but knowing the reason that you’re buying is going to dictate a lot about what type of watch you wish to buy. If you’re going straight for status, then maybe you want the most expensive watch you can afford--or the flashiest that will get noticed by everyone. If you’re looking for something new and innovative to add to your watch collection, then there is an enormous wealth of watches to consider. If you’re looking for something that can survive any condition, then that’s a different ballgame. However, all of these can beSwiss automatic watches. You just need to choose the right one.

Know Your Style

Knowing your style is important when selecting a watch, as all watches give off a certain feel. Some watches are made to look classic (or are actually classic antiques), which have a vibe all their own. Other watches look more like you’re ready for anything–a James Bond style watch–classy, yet rugged. Other watches are art pieces that make a statement about the personality of the wearer. 

No matter your style, picking the right  Swiss automatic watch for you will mean you first need to nail down the look that you want to give off.

Know the Watch’s Materials

Materials come into the picture when deciding how and where the watch is going to be used. Some Swiss watches are made in very strong and resistant stainless steel, while others may be made from ceramic or metals that are lighter, but more prone to damage. A titanium watch is three times harder than steel and lighter still, but it’s also by far the most expensive option.


Knowing all of these things will help you make an informed decision about what you want your watch to be--what you want it to say about you, what you want it to look like around your wrist, what you want to be able to do with it, and how you want to add it to your collection.

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