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Timepieces For Different Activities


Covid is slowly fading and we have a lot fewer restrictions than we had before. Now we can go on holidays, and finally enjoy the outside world that we couldn’t do for a long time now.


Everyone goes on a holiday once in a while. There are types of people who like to go hiking, camping, and caving or there are people who will enjoy going to the beach or skiing, diving, or surfing. No matter what you do, a watch can be useful, or in some cases, it can be essential to have.


We are going to find out which timepiece would fit you by looking at the activities that they are designed for.


In our recent blogs, we already discussed diver as well as pilot timepieces, so we will leave those ones out, but you can find them here!


Let’s start with more casual activity, hiking.


Hiking is basically walking across long distances usually on trails or paths. It can be a group activity as well. Most people who like hiking want to know how many calories they burned, their heart rate, and their location. A GPS watch would be suitable to fulfill all of those purposes.


Garmin makes one of the most durable GPS watches. The Instinct Solar is one of their GPS smartwatches.

 The Instinct Solar

It has a long-lasting battery life of up to 54 days if you use it in smartwatch mode. It is because the watch works with a solar battery and it is capable of solar charging. Remember when I mentioned durability? Well, it’s no kidding. It meets the military standard of toughness, so you do not need to worry about that.


It has a built-in GPS, GLONASS, and Galileo. All of these help with the accuracy of the positioning. There are built-in sports apps as well, so you can track your daily activities and workouts. It also notifies you about phone calls, messages, etc.


You can choose to buy it with a solar battery, or without. If you choose to buy it with a solar battery then they will charge $100 USD more. There are also four different editions:


  • Standard edition: This does not have any special functionality except what is mentioned above


  • Tactical edition: It’s compatible with night vision goggles, and also contains jumpmaster and stealth mode.


  • Camo edition: It just has a camo pattern design.


  • Surf edition: It has tide data and built-in dedicated surfing activity


  • Esports edition: It features profiles for esport players, and they also get access to STR3AMUP! which is a PC gaming tool.


It is available in many colors, so you can choose what fits you best.


The prices depend on the edition we choose, but a standard edition with a solar battery is $399,99 USD.



G-Shock makes extremely durable watches, so it is suitable for more extreme activities like caving. G-Shock designed the GD-350-1BER to explore dark places with safety.

 G-Shock GD-350-1BER

It’s equipped with a vibration alarm that will notify you when the set timer runs out, or when your alarm goes off. It has large buttons so it can be used easily, as well as a clear LCD for the best visibility under the toughest conditions.


You can go swimming without worrying as the watch is water resistant up to 200 meters. It can shift +/- 15 seconds per month, so it’s good to look out for that. The auto calendar displays the correct date every time, you just need to set the correct date once. The strap is made out of Resin, meaning it’s tough and durable.


The watch face works just like a smartwatch, when you tilt your wrist towards your face it will light up, so there's no need to worry in the dark. It’s also shock and vibration-resistant.


Currently, the watch goes for £99.90.






Finally, we are going to take a look at a dangerous activity, Mountaineering. In simple words, it’s basically ascending tall mountains. The goal is to stand on the summit of a peak.


These watches are similar to the one that we discussed in the hiker section except it has to handle the cold and the snow. It’s recommended to choose a watch that can handle a water resistance level of 100 meters because of the snow.


Timex has a great reputation for durable timepieces and they put a lot of effort into improving their watches. They usually have a long battery life with good accuracy.


The watch we are going to take a look at is very much affordable. The Timex Expedition Grid Shock.


Timex Expedition Grid Shock 

The watch is inspired by the WS4 design and is shock resistant to ISO standards, which basically means that it’s accepted by experts. It’s water-resistant for up to 100 meters. If we look at the watch we can see that it displays the date and shows the time.


On the left side, there are all the different functions that the watch has. The first one is a chronograph that is useful to measure periods of time. The second one is a timer. The third option is a hydration timer, which is interesting because it tells you when to drink water while you exercise, so you can stay hydrated. And the final and fourth function is different alarm options.


The reason why it’s shock and water-resistant is because of the materials used for this watch. The case is made out of resin and the top ring is stainless steel. With the night mode turned on you can easily use the watch in the dark as well. They are available in many different colors.


It can be bought for around $60 USD.





If you have a passion for something like the activities mentioned, you should consider getting a watch that will help you or just make the activity easier for you. It doesn’t have to be an expensive timepiece, the last watch has a bunch of functions, especially for its price.


What is the activity that you like doing in your free time?



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