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The Best Gifts You can Give.

September 15, 2022 5 min read

DWISS R2 displaced hours - automatic Swiss made

 This is Why A Watch is One of The Best Gifts You can Give.

A watch is something that we can wear on an everyday basis. It will be our wrist most of the time, so looking at the time could remind us of the person who gifted us that specific timepiece.

People usually gift when theres a big day for somebody that they care about. It could be a graduation, a wedding, a Birthday, anniversaries, or some kind of achievement.

Watches are exclusive gifts. It can hold more emotional value than most other presents. You can wear it every day even after 20 years, and think about why and who the watch was given by. While a shirt most likely won't be remembered after years and years. That is why a watch includes emotions.

Regardless of the style of the timepiece, people who wear watches are seen as reliable and dependable. Seeing a watch on someone's wrist says that the person is punctual and values time. After all, time is money.

But how gifting timepieces has changed over the years?

Young individuals want watches that fills them with pride about what they value in life. These timepieces can accompany them to their next life stage of adulthood.

Gifting overall has changed a lot with time. Teenagers want something that they desire. They want the most trendy watches that they’ve seen on their favorite music artist, football player or on an actor.

Even a friend group can manipulate what they want, it’s called a bandwagon effect. If most of the people in the group have a Seiko watch you will most likely want one as well.

In the past gifting was only about showing kindness towards someone, letting them know we care about them.

Nowadays it’s the same, except we require gifts on occasions. People will even tell you what they want, you just have to buy it.

A watch is personal, It will reflect the personality of an individual. Just like the cars they are driving and the clothes they are wearing 

So how do you choose the right watch to gift to someone?

First of all, we got to search for watches that are within the budget.

There are four types of timepieces that we can choose from.

The first one is a mechanical watch that usually has a classic design. These watches do not require batteries just like automatic timepieces. Although all mechanical watches require winding in order for them to work. The winding can be done by using the crown or a winding key in some cases.

The second one is an automatic watch. These timepieces can have an indefinite lifespan, it will only pause when the wearer ceases to wind or move the internal mechanisms of the timepiece.

The third option is a quartz watch. They are battery-powered and the most affordable, that’s why it’s so popular as well. These watches are made in a wide range of styles. The batteries will have to be replaced after every 3 years or so.

And the final option is a smart watch. They can have a lot of functions. These are also battery-powered and needs to be re-charged after a few days depending on the model. They have a modern design and are very popular, especially for teenagers.

After we decided the type of watch we will go with then we need to consider a person's taste.

If you are buying a watch for someone you most likely already know the person, and what he likes. If they are a sporty person you can buy them a sports watch. Or if they have a more elegant taste you can buy them a classic watch.

There are six types of watch styles.

-Dress watches that are designed to be worn with a suit or some other formal attire. It can also be worn with semi-formal and business casual attire.

-Dive watches are best worn casually. Dwiss has a blog covering divers watches that you can find at Dwiss blogs.

-A chronograph watchis a stopwatch that is used to measure periods of time. It looks serious and masculine.

-Sports watches look good in casual settings and when doing any sports activities.

-Military watches are designed to meet military standards. So they are durable and reliable.

-Pilot watches are great for everyday and casual use. Although they should be avoided for black tie and formal business wear. You can check out the blog about pilot watches in the blog section.

Watches can also be related to what they like. For example: For Formula fans, we should get a watch that is related to Formula.

DWISS has a whole collection that is inspired by Formula cars. DWISS R2 - Floating Hours.

It’s a high-end Swiss automatic timepiece that is inspired by Formula cars.

DWISS R2 floating hours racer car

The watch is Swiss made with 316L Stainless steel and has a diameter of 40mm, as well as a thickness of 10,5mm (6.8mm + 1.6 mm sapphire crystal + 2.0 mm caseback). The watch is water resistant up to 100 meters / 328 feet. The back of the case is see-through.

It has a Swiss made Automatic movement, Peseux P224. The power reserve is 38 hours with 28 Jewels.

It contains a Sapphire hour disc, Super-LumiNova BG-W9. With DWISSES floating hours display. And a sapphire crystal with an anti-reflective coating.

It comes with a Silicone rubber strap or a 3-link solid 316L Stainless Steel bracelet. The straps can be swapped easily.

The watch is limited to 500 pieces, and there are currently 116 left. They have a two (2) Year International warranty. You can find out more about the watch here.

People who are more casual are the type that will like a classic watch.

Classic watches are timepieces that effortlessly remain unaged in style. You own a piece of art and craftsmanship. They are made with skill, care, and a lot of patience.

The tiny springs, gears, and spinning cogs are put together by hand.

A great example of classic watch is the DWISS BRASILIA

This watch is from the Classique collection by DWISS. It goes back to 2012 when they introduced their second collection.

DWISS classique Brasilia

This special timepiece was made to celebrate the launch of Dwiss In the capital of Brazil. The back of the case has the colors of the Brazil flag, which is a cool little touch.

It’s a Swiss made Chronometer watch that is using caliber ETA 2824-2 with an Automatic mechanical movement. The power reserve is 42 hours with 25 Jewels.

This luxurious timepiece comes with an anti-reflective sapphire crystal, an original crocodile strap, and an 18K yellow gold buckle. It’s water resistant to 10 ATM (100 meters / 330 feet).

The case is crafted from 18K yellow gold with polished, brushed, satin finishes, and has a diameter of 41mm, as well as a thickness of 10,5 mm. The back of the case is see-through.

As this is from an old collection, the watch is currently out of stock. You can contact DWISS for more information and you can find out more about the watch here.

People are really satisfied with the DWISS watches. Here are some reviews. You can take a look over 300+ more testimonials over here.

DWISS M3 and M3W review testimonials


“This is why a watch is one of the best gifts you can give.”

It’s the best because it involves emotions, and it can be used for years and years to come. He or she can look at the watch after 20 years and think back to you who gave them the present.

Who is the person in your life that deserves a watch as a gift?