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Many definitions exist for the word “Microbrand,” but only a few can broadly explain what this means to the watchmaker. To the watch retailing industry, a microbrand can refers to small watch brands who decided to enjoy the perks of the internet over rigid traditional stores.

For some reasons, this definition might seem a bit limited. So, we can say that a microbrand watch company is any of this, but not limited to:

  • Privately owned by one or a minimal amount of people as opposed to the larger brands who will typically be held by a larger organization.
  • They enjoy Outsourced manufacturing as defines the "micro" concept.
  • Designer watches that can be released in smaller batches (300-500) and each specific design may never be recreated

DWISS mechanical watches using celiber ETA 7001 

The unique concept of Microbrand companies

To understand how these micro brands function, it is essential to evaluate the traditional scene:

  • Typically, the traditional watch retail kickstarts with the manufacturer who creates these watches. Sometimes many parts of these watches may be shipped from different areas of the world. Lastly, the manufacturer places a price bearing in mind all the incurred costs on the watch before selling to the retailer.
  • The retailer has to think about getting some high-priced influencer, adverts, overhead costs, property expenses and a whole lot more. All of this alongside the desire to make profits will extend the retail price of the watch.
  • For the micro brand, the entire retail outfit is taken out of the equation. These brands do not have the problems of the retailer and so focus on giving their clients incredible designs and the highest quality at a more affordable rate.

The first microbrands started in the mid-2000s. The movement towards the "micro" or rather niche specific scene began with a different perception. It was meant for a generally knowledgeable audience. Today even some of the more prominent brands have started to realize that there is actually a market of watch enthusiasts who are willing to buy from their smartphones and computers. This is why Independent watchmakers, designers, and entrepreneurs are fast taking part of the market.

Why buy from Micro Brands?

Because the microbrands stay close to the customers, there’s nothing soulless in their business. Customers enjoy the benefits of reaching out to the people behind each specific product at any time.  These Swiss made watches tend to carry a lot more daring design concept.

It’s easier for these micro brands to design watch independent and different from anything ever seen before. Micro brands are all about innovation, simple trades and enjoying a bigger avenue to craft extraordinary designer watches. Why? Because they don't have a lot of baggage or expenses like traditional outfits.

Usually, the person behind the brand is a designer, a watchmaker or entrepreneur that was already in the watch industry working for large brands before, in some cases can be all of the above, it’s for sure someone who is passionate about taking the watch concept away from the one-tracked creations of the traditional brands.

DWISS RC1-SB with mysterious time display systems

Which are the best Micro brands?

There’s almost no such thing as the best Micro brands. Designs are far too broad and varied to place one micro brand in the spotlight. It’s just about the style and concept that suits someone’s taste.  

At Dwiss we have a huge variety of models that can fits everyone’s fits, owing to micro brands luxury watches is easy at their comfort. Here at Dwiss, our watches are designed by the founder, made by the best factories and artisans for the most incredible feel and experience.

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