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In all these years what drove us here? Take a look on what we have done so far:
We began our adventure in 2011, founding the brand DWISS in Switzerland with the aim at creating innovative Swiss made timepieces. 
Our first collection M1 was completed at the end of 2011 and we did several events to promote it during 2011 and 2012. Such collection was a great success and now is completely sold out!!!
The second collection, Classique (2012/2013), brought the world's first Niobium watch. One of the models of this collection was made exclusively for the mining company CBMM, and won the International Design Award (IDA).
A limited edition of 41 watches (the same atomic number of the metal Niobium) are part of DWISS Classique collection and still available for purchase! Check it here: DWISS C2
One of the most innovative timepieces ever presented to a crowdfunding platform, the collection M2 has introduced DWISS signature time display systems.
Design awarded 2 times, with the ePDA and the IDA (for the second time), the M2 collection is also completely sold out. 
DWISS RC1-SW tourbillon
DWISS R1 is our latest collection, comprising a Swiss made tourbillon model, one of the most challenging to make watch movements, for the first time.
Our greatest and biggest collection so far, DWISS R1 is divided in two lines: RC1 and RS1 with 4 different movements:  quartz using RONDA 714, automatics using ETA 2824, mechanical using ETA 7001 and tourbillons using CONCEPTO 8950.

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