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How to take good care of your leather straps

You might be wondering why you should read this article. Wonder no more, leather straps watches are not a new accessory to have among your collection of elegant microbrand watches. It is a piece of the fashionable item almost everyone can boast of having, but have you ever pay close attention to how long your leather straps last? We all know that some fellows don’t mind there is always a way to get a new one! Wait a minute! What if we tell you that this article will teach you the A-Z of how to make your luxury watches made from the most exquisite piece of leather straps last very long? Interesting hmm... Read on, as we are about to unveil some of the best tips you never pay attention to while using your leather straps designer watches

  1. Too much water can damage your strap 

    Some leather straps have some degree of water resistance, but too much of everything is wrong they say. Water can cause your leather straps to become soak-wet. This makes the straps soft. In the process of drying, it loses the elasticity that comes with it and becomes stiff, causing it to peel.


  • Remove your leather straps watches before bathing or doing any activity that may cause water to touch the straps. Example, bathing, swimming, home cleaning, etc.
  • Do not dry in the sun, or use heat when the straps are wet, this may cause more damage than good
  • Use a simple soft piece of cloth to wipe and dry the wet straps and keep at room temperature to completely get rid of the water.


  1. Do not use any form of cosmetic cream on your leather straps

You may begin to think, hmm… this micro brand straps look a bit dull and apply a bit of skincare lotion to restore the sheen, and this may be a short term solution but will lead to a long term problem. These oils contain a lot of chemicals and salt and can be absorbed by the straps and build up in it. Because the pH is different, it weakens the leather and in time may cause it to tear very easily. In conjunction with your body sweat, the process of degradation is fast-forwarded.

You begin to notice dark spots, flaking, and lines on the watch straps.


  • Use specific leather care products, and if you cannot find any close by, mix an equal portion of baking soda and water, this will do the job in the meantime.
  • Use a leather conditioner, and this will keep your straps soft for a very long time, and prevent excessive drying and cracking
  • Olive oils have also been tested and trusted. Use this every 2-3 months with a clean, soft cloth to wipe the straps before storing them
  1. Get changeable straps-

This can be done when you have more than one straps watch and can get a rapid change system, like DWISS have. This way, you can change to the various colors of outfit for each day.

DWISS easy interchangeable Italian leather straps

  1. Do not fasten too tight or pull too hard while trying to put on a leather straps watch-

This will not only weaken the leather, and but it can also cause it to break. Making the straps too tight can even cause some discomfort to the wrist.

  1. Removal of leather from harmful weather conditions-

To take good care of leather products, you should know that leather products, can get damage due climatic factors, such as high temperature, humidity, and direct sunlight.

  1. Store products correctly-

Properly storing leather straps products, i.e., using the watch pillows that come with them significantly preserves leather products.

Moreover, it helps to retain their form and not be subject to sagging in some parts.

It would help if you used the appropriate boxes to store the leather straps also. Never store for too long as this may cause it to be dry and stiff.

  1. Getting rid of odor-

Undoubtedly, wearing a single piece of leather straps always may cause it to give-off some foul smell due to the mixture of sweat and oils from you on the leather. If you do not give it a break, then try to clean more often. This can be managed by using some leather straps cleaner to clean them after removing it at the end of the day. And by the next time you put it on, your leather straps will have a fresh, rich smell as new.

  1. Be friendly and gentle with your leather straps-

Straps need space, and they need to breathe always, so do give them an excellent time. Remove before sleep. Know the kind of leather your straps are made from. This way, you can easily take excellent care of them using the right product. This will not only keep them beautiful, clean, and healthy, and it will extend the life of the straps.

DWISS Italian leather straps

  1. Managing stains-

When it comes to your luxury watch leather straps, managing stains should be the top priority. Stains may be permanent when not removed on time. Some steps to consider are

  • Put a little water on the stain and soap to wash it.
  • Clean it off with a fine soft cloth
  • Use leather conditioner on it.

In conclusion, there are straightforward ways of making your leather straps works its time. Make sure to keep a tag on the type of leather and stick the above tips and steps whenever your leather strap needs some attention.

Remember, the required number of time you clean your leather straps all depends on the climatic condition of the area you use it. The sunny weather condition of use calls for more care and maintenance that cold/snow weather.

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