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It is an undeniable fact that many people have not heard of the ETA Movements, but that does not pertain to watch lovers.

The ETA 2824-2 is a product of the company ETA SA manufacture Horlogère Suisse (ETA SA Swiss Watch Manufacturer).

Renowned for designing and producing quartz, automatic and hand-wound movements and mechanical ébauches.

They are founded in 1856 with its Headquarters in Grenchen, Switzerland. The company is a product of experience and strength in the business of Swiss watchmaking and quality products.


The ETA Caliber 2824-2 is the most widely recognized movement from the watch manufacturer. It has been around since 1982, based on the Eterna caliber 1427 which dates back to the 1950s.

The 2824-2 is claimed by most watch lovers, bloggers, and marketers to be a "workhorse movement," and it keeps living up to expectations.

The ETA 2824-2 described as a movement that has gone through the test of time dressed with many ups and downs and remains a reliable quality choice with a lot of respect earned for its age.



Features of the ETA 2824 2

  • Swiss Made, Produced in Switzerland
  • Manufacturing Company - ETA SA
  • Caliber Number - 2824-2
  • Diameter - 25.6mm
  • Thickness - 4.6mm
  • Frequency: 4Hz (28,800 Vibrations per hour)
  • Jewels - 15, 21, or 25
  • Hands - 1.50/.90/.25
  • Regulator - ETACHRON
  • Shock protection - Incabloc Novodiac
  • Hacking - Available
  • Hand-windable - Available
  • Functions - Semi instantaneous, Central second display date, Minutes, Hours
  • Power reserve - 42 Hours




The Different Grades of the ETA 2824-2

  1. STANDARD GRADE: This grade is adjusted in two positions, specified with an average rate of +/-12 seconds per day, with a maximum daily variation of +/-30 seconds.
  2. ELABORATED GRADE: This grade is adjusted in three positions, specified with an average of +/-7 seconds per day, with maximum daily variation of +/-20 seconds.
  3. TOP GRADE: This grade can be adjusted in 5 positions, specified with an average rate of +/-4 seconds per day, with a maximum daily variation of +/-15 seconds.
  4. CHRONOMETER: This grade, unlike the others, is always serial-numbered as a result of the requirement of the certification authority. It is also the grade that must meet strict standards prescribed by the COSC (Contrôle Official Suisse des Chronométres - Official swiss chronometer testing institute)


The grades have always been hard to notice or differentiate, mostly by the inquisitive enthusiasts who are interested in the movements.

With the addition of the "-2" to the end of the movement number, there have been some changes. Such as; The standard and chronometer grades now use the same regulators - ETACHRON.

Getting to identify the grades physically is too tricky for the majority of prospect users and current users. It is advisable for enthusiasts to pay close detailed attention to the next subheading for understanding.



Differences between the Grades Of The ETA 2824-2


  • Mainspring - Nivaflex NO
  • Collet - Nivatronic
  • Balance - Nickel gilt
  • Hairspring - Nivarox 2
  • Balance Staff - Epilame-coated
  • Shock protection - Etachocs
  • Pallet Stones - Polyrubies, Epilame-coated
  • Hairspring heat treatment - Etasable



  • Balance - Glucydur gilt
  • Collet - Nivatronic
  • Mainspring - Nivaflex NM
  • Shock protection - Incabloc
  • Hairspring - Anachron
  • Balance Staff - Epilame-coated
  • Hairspring heat treatment - Etasable
  • Pallet Stones - Red ribbies, Epilame-coated


How do I spot the difference between the different grades of the ETA 2824- 2?


The solution, however, is those prospective buyers and "watch enthusiasts" should be grounded on the details as mentioned earlier in this post and request for the movement details of a target watch from the watch supplier. It has been proven and testified to be a more productive action.

The differences, however, don't exist very much physically between every grade as much as one would think.


The Top grade and the chronometer have close to zero difference except for the following:

The chronometer is serial-numbered

The chronometer has been enhanced to fit into every requirement of the COSC

So it is clear that indeed the Top grade can be regarded as the chronometer that is not improved to fit into every element of the COSC.

Both the Top grade and the chronometer are known to be the best and most reliable in the market of durability and reliability.


It gets very hard, on the other hand, to talk about the differences between the Standard grade and the Elaborated (Élaboré) grade but it is worth noting the following:

According to the differences gathered by their specifications;

The standard can always be adjusted in two positions and boasts an average of +/-12 seconds a day and a maximum daily variation of +/-30 seconds

Whereas the Elaborated can be adjusted in three positions and boasts an average rate of +/-7 seconds a day and a maximum daily variation of +/-20 seconds.

 The top grade versions are adjusted in five positions, specified with an average rate of +/-4 seconds per day, with a maximum daily variation of +/-15 seconds.

The ETA Caliber 2824-2 remains the "major workhorse" of ETA SA's mechanical lineup without breaking a sweat due to its durability and credibility proven by its long-running age in the Swiss Movements and Swiss Made Watches race.

Components of the ETA 2824-2

The parts as listed by ETA SA's online team via technical communication are; Key boat, Dial support, Date Indicator, Day indicator assembled, Click, Click spring, Crown wheel, Dial fastener, Regulator corrector, Minute wheel, Key bolt, Jewel shock absorber for balance, shouldered, to press in, top, Cylindrical, Sliding pinion, Winding Pinion, Winding Stem, Corrector lever, Ratchet wheel, Pallet fork, Pallet bridge, Auxillary reversing wheel, Reversing wheel, Reduction wheel assembled, Date jumper, Date maintaining plate assembled, Ball bearing, Oscillating weight, Oscillating weight assembled, Automatic device framework, jeweled, Ratchet wheel driving wheel, Escape wheel, Third wheel, Second wheel, Setting lever jumper, 3 functions, Yoke, Time balance regulated with stud standardised, Balance bridge, Balance bridge assembled, Crown wheel, Setting wheel, Canon pinion with driving wheel, Minute train bridge, Intermediate wheel assembled, Train wheel bridge jeweled, Movement barrel complete, Barrel bridge, Stop lever, Stud support assembled, Lower index, Upper index, Main plate assembled and the Screws used for keeping it together.


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