✔ The membership fee is USD 79 per month for 12 months (USD 948), you get a Swiss made watch with the retail value of USD 1'390.

✔ Create your next Swiss made by voting and giving suggestions on the designs presented by a 7-time design awarded brand.

✔ Get free monthly fees for every new member you bring to the Club and participate in the monthly watch giveaway.

IS IT like crowdfunding?

Nope... In DWISS Club, you are REALLY part of the creation of the watch you’ll receive, and you don’t need to pay 100% of the watch at once.

IS IT like a box subscription?

Again no. We don’t send random watches. The watch you will receive will be the one you are helping to create, with its good value for the money.

CAN I CANCEL MY membership?

You can cancel your membership at any time with no penalties and use your credit to get any other watch (with the same retail value) in our collection.

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